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“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re still thinking about yesterday.”  –  Charles F. Kettering

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Information Technology

The Impact of IoT and Smart Home Technologies on Daily Life

IoT and smart home technology have progressively merged into our daily lives over the past ten years. Using voice activation, for instance, to manage your in-floor heating may have formerly sounded like a pipe dream. Yet, it is now a possibility and a reality for many because of the development of the smartphone and the improvement in the cost of such technology.

What is and how does 5G wireless technology work

Moreover, the applications of 5G don’t stop at smartphones; they also extend to a wide range of new products and services in a variety of fields, including retail, education, and entertainment, according to Robert J. Topol, Intel’s General Manager for 5G Business and Technologies. To better grasp this amazing new technology, let’s start at the beginning with an introduction to 5G wireless technology.




7 Things Everyone Should Apply To Lessen And Manage Chronic Illness

Everyone has an opinion on the greatest living practices, from social media celebrities to your great aunt Bess. The decisions you make, though, can have an impact on your long-term health, regardless of whether you’ve committed fully to apple cider vinegar or believe the most recent health fads are just hype.